Join the Circle for Meditation and Healing

2012 SUSAN MAGEE 27 NOVThe full moon Circle of Meditation and Healing, led by Susan Beilby Magee, meets at the Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage at the Washington National Cathedral from 7-9pm.

It is a continuing series of meditations that explores personal mastery in all realms of life.
All spiritual seekers are welcome. No experience is necessary.
Tickets are $3 in advance or $15 per session payable at the door.
Purchase link for the next circle session in May  to be provided shortly!


2018 Series: COMING HOME
In the 2018 Circles of Meditation and Healing, Susan Beilby Magee will guide us to explore what it means
to “come home and be present” within ourselves, our families, the cosmos and Mother Earth.

Monday, April 2, 2018: Coming Home to Mother Earth
Tuesday, May 29: Coming Home Within the Cosmos
Tuesday, September 25: Coming Home to Family
Wednesday, November 7: Coming Home Within Ourselves

Tickets are $13 in advance or $17 per session payable at the door. Come to one or come to all.

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For more information, contact Susan B. Magee at 202.285.2200 or


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